1. Introduction to industry application background

In the intelligent factory, the transportation of raw materials and finished products is an important part of internal logistics.

AMR product advantages

1. Autonomous Navigation

No magnetic stripe, QR code or beacon is required;

Every robot has a laser scanning map;

Real time navigation according to the map.

2. Can interact with the use environment

Use WiFi to open and close the door;

Control and use of elevators;

Fire and safety alarms can be monitored.

3. Detect and avoid obstacles

Multi lidar, 360 ° ultrasonic sensor;

Easily avoid unknown obstacles;

Safe walking in mobile equipment and personnel environment;

360 ° rotation in place, can walk forward or backward without turning around, and can pass freely in narrow space.

4. 7 days and 24 hours without interruption, convenient expansion

Working 24 hours a day, 7 days;

Expand time-saving, material and financial resources;

The operation is easy to master and the training time is reduced.

5. Multi robot cooperation and flexible scheduling

Pad, mobile phone and computer can be controlled;

Multiple operation modes, preset task sequencing, virtual conveyor, temporary call; 1-99 sets controlled at the same time.

6. Safety – comply with international safety standards

Safety lidar; ISO / en 13849;

Class 3, performance class D;

270 ° detection range;

30m safety range, 8m warning area, 2m emergency deceleration area.

7. Qualification

ISO9001 quality certification

EU CE certification

Introduction of raw materials and distribution process from warehouse to production line

AMR autonomous mobile robot transports the customized material truck from the warehouse to the production line, and then recovers the empty material truck from the production line and returns it to the warehouse to realize the automatic distribution of materials.