Structure of transportation plan

Standardized charging car chassis

Customized superstructure

AMR autonomous mobile robot

*According to the transportation demand, adopt the scheme of standard charging car chassis + customized superstructure

*According to the weight of the transported materials, the transportation scheme of 100kg \ 200kg \ 300kg \ 1000kg is adopted;

*Save labor cost, connect with MES, get through the information flow of production materials in workshop, and realize big data collection of production materials.

Warehouse production line raw material distribution process

a. After the materials are prepared, the workers place the materials on the material truck

b. The worker pushes the material cart full of goods to a fixed parking space

c. The workshop workers call the robot through MES, and the robot goes to the full parking space

d. AMR robot automatically carries material vehicle to workshop production line

MES General Dispatching Center of the plant