Structure of transportation plan

AMR autonomous mobile robot

Standardized top intelligent roller

Factory intelligent roller transportation system

*According to the transportation demand of finished products, AMR autonomous mobile robot + customized robot top roller structure scheme is adopted;

*According to the weight of finished products, the transportation scheme of 100kg \ 200kg \ 300kg \ 1000kg is adopted;

*It can save labor cost, connect with the intelligent roller transportation system of the factory, get through the fast transportation of finished materials in the workshop, and realize the intelligent scheduling of the factory.

Warehouse – finished goods distribution process

a. The finished product is placed with the intelligent roller contact, and the intelligent AMR robot automatically receives the signal

b. AMR roller robot receives signal and goes to contact point to receive goods

C. According to the actual needs, send the finished products to the warehouse or designated station

d. AMR autonomous mobile robot automatically goes to the charging post to charge under low power