? ??? Autonomous Mobile Robot


?? ? Intelligent logistics solutions??

?? ? IR-C100








IR-C100 is the last generation of logistics and

transportation robots. It uses the last navigation

method without any magnetic system.

Strip, reflector, QR code, intelligent obstacle avoidance,

eliminating the need for traditional AVG.

Intelligent, flexible, safe, can be deployed in just half day.

The overall cost is lower than similar products.



Weigh:50 kg ?
Operation mode : Differential wheeled robot ????????????????????????
Payload:100 KG ????????????????????????
Running time :10 hours ?????????????????
Max speed:2m/s Turning radius:0 m ??????
Accuracy: +/-1cm ?????????????????
Obstacles: 5cm ???????????????
WIFI Dual-band wireless AC/G/N/B
Bluetooth 4.0 LE,Range:10-20m
I/Os USB and Ethernet
Safety sensors:
Laser scanners 240° visuatection 3D camera, Object detection : 5-50cm
Ultra sonic scanners (2 pcs)
Battery LifePO4, 40Ah
Charging time up to 3 hours (0-80%: 1 hours)
Internal charger input: 100-230Vac, 50-60Hz Output 48V max 15A



Autonomous navigation

New generation of navigation: no need for guides infrastructure? or predefined path. Live navigation based on maps.

Interact with the environment
Use the WiFi to close the door, control and use the elevator? Can monitor the fire disaster
Detect and avoid obstacles
Multi-laser,360°Ultra sonic sensor,easy to avoid obstacles Safe navigation in environment with mobile equipment.? 360° rotation, can move forward or backward without?turning around.? can easily pass through narrow space.
24 hours a day, 7 days a wee, easy to expand?
Saving financial resources, easy to use and reduce training time.
Multi-robot collaboration, Flexible dispatching

PAD、mobile phone, computer can be controlled. a variety of? operating modes,? pre-Set task sorting. virtual sensor.

Safety-complies with international scheduling

Safety Lidar:ISO/EN 13849,category 3,performance, etc. Level D,270° detection range,3DM safety range,8M warning zone, 2M emergency declaration zone



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